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Close Air Support (CAS)
  • Bombs are second-to-none when it comes to building destruction. Nothing says "I want that building gone!" like 2000 pounds of pain dropping through the chimney. Bombs will destroy a building and anyone inside on the first pass, as long as they're delivered correctly, and can cause significant damage to anyone near the building.
  • Can be very precise with laser guidance.
  • Can be called in from a long distance away from the objective.
  • Destructive power of CAS can result in horrific friendly fire incidents if ground forces do not take the proper precautions, or if the FAC does not control the aircraft approach, ordnance usage, etc, properly.
  • CAS can be slow to respond to a support request. This is in part due to the difficulty that exists in coordinating a strike from a fast-moving, high-flying aircraft against what is a relatively small and precise target, with the possibility of friendly forces in close proximity to it.
  • Non-laser-guided bombs can be imprecise and require an extra degree of careful coordination between the FAC and aircraft to avoid fratricide. Marking the target via smoke or extremely competent visual descriptions is critical, and making a pass with cannons before dropping bombs can be used as an additional control method.
Safety Distance
  • No cover: 200-300m
  • Hard cover: 150m
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